Police urge law change to set appropriate speed limits while academics say, “More speed, more danger” – JS 100

“From what I see, the rationale behind the police’s proposal to amend the speed law is that the agency feels that the current speed limits do not reflect today’s reality, a sentiment shared by the public. However, this is the opposite of what other countries have been trying to do in this matter. Rather than changing the law to suit driver behaviour, they focus on speed reduction because the faster you drive, the harder it is to stop, and the more losses it will bring,” says Prof Pol Maj Gen Pongson Kongtreekaew, a LDP member and a Royal Police Cadet Academy professor. Read full article here.

The article is part of the Road Safety Journalism Fellowship 2018’s Untold Stories series, that inform and raise awareness about road safety issues as well as advocate for policy and social change.

More Untold Stories: Road Safety Journalism Fellowship 2018 is a collaboration between Internews and the World Health Organization (WHO), aiming to reduce road traffic injuries and fatalities through legislative improvement, supported by the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS).

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