Video from LDP's School Bus Safety Policy and Standards

“If safe school bus services are available and accessible to every student, we will be able to reduce underage driving as well as injuries and fatalities from road crashes.” – Oratai Junsuwanaruk, Thailand Country Manager, AIP Foundation

In 2017, more than 400 children were killed in school bus-related crashes. Join us in our efforts to make safe school bus services a reality through supporting LDP’s proposal to improve school bus safety, which has been submitted to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and relevant agencies.

The four policy recommendations we are proposing include:
1. The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Transport (the Department of Land Transport) and the Ministry of Interior (the Department of Local Administration) should set up a three-party working group, to carry out studies on the provision of safe school bus transportation and set out appropriate guidelines.
2. The Ministry of Education should take the lead in establishing the rules and regulations for school bus transportation.
3. The Department of Land Transport should provide training to school bus drivers and 
regulates community-run school buses to ensure the operations meet safety standards and requirements set out by the agency.
4. The Department of Local Administration should amend its regulations to allow the agency to provide schools with funding to arrange safe school bus services for their students.

LDP Thailand is a collaboration between the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP Foundation) Thailand and the World Health Organization (WHO) aiming to reduce road traffic injuries and fatalities through legislative improvement, supported by the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS).

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