Why motorcycle ABS should be mandatory

“The government should make ABS mandatory for all motorcycles, regardless of size. The demonstration here clearly shows it is the speed, rather than engine size, that is the key factor. Our recommendation going forward is all motorcycles capable of reaching 50 km/h should have ABS. The government can make this happen by offering tax incentives, for example…[Moreover,] I think the country should seize this opportunity to develop ABS production and industry in Thailand.” – Manager of the Legal Development Program (LDP) Dr Wiwat Seetamanotch

Last week, LDP Manager Dr Wiwat Seetamanotch along with road safety partners were at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok for a motorcycle ABS demonstration, which was held in collaboration between the university and ASEAN NCAP. To learn more, check out the video below. Dr Wiwat’s interview with Road Safety Newstizen starts at min 3.33.

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